Wheel of the Year

All things in our tradition are based on our Wheel of the Year. It is both microcosm and macrocosm. It displays the cycle of the year, the way the compass is laid, the Gods, the totems, the gates, the airts, the castles, and the moons.



Seasonal Correspondences


SabbatDeitySpirit AlliesVessel/
JanuaryBlackthorn, Blackbird, Wolf
FebruaryImbolcBlack GoddessWillow, Cat, OwlStaffNorth/Air
MarchSpring EquinoxGolden/Fire QueenBirch, Hare, GooseGolden LanternNE/Castle of Revelry
AprilAsh, Moth, Snake
MayBeltaneRed GodHawthorn, Bee, BullSwordEast/Fire
JuneSummer SolsticeOak KingOak, Stag, RobinStone BowlSE/Stone Castle
JulyElm, Hound, Eagle
AugustLammasWhite GoddessApple, Swan, HorseShieldSouth/Earth
SeptemberFall EquinoxSilver/Blood QueenVine, Swine, ChickenGrailSW/Castle Perilous
OctoberHazel, Salmon, Lapwing
SamhainSamhainRed GodElder, Crane, ToadHelmWest/Water
NovemberRowan, Fox, Raven
DecemberWinter SolsticeHolly KingHolly, Wren, GoatGlass OrbNW/Castle of Glass

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