Ladders, Rosaries, and a bit on Weaving

Unique style of leather Witch’s ladder While the season is still under the auspices of the Black Goddess (herself a weaver of fate and magic), I thought I might like to write about a version of weaving magic that is rather central to traditional Witchcraft. I’m referring to the production of witches’ ladders. The simplestContinue reading “Ladders, Rosaries, and a bit on Weaving”

Cords as Markers of Admission

One of the Robert Cochrane (Roy Bowers) “writings” that  you’ll want to read is titled “On Cords.” It first appeared in issue 3 of The Pentagram in March 1965. In it, he discusses two aspects or uses of the traditional Witch’s Ladder. The first is the piece of magical craft that we’ll be covering soon.Continue reading “Cords as Markers of Admission”

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