The Airts: Elemental Quarters of the Spiral Castle

The Airts of Traditional Craft correspond to different elemental quarters than those found in Wiccan and Ceremonial traditions.  The Airts are based on old “Celtic” lore. The North – Air Values: Intellect, Thoughts, Inspiration, Communication, Flight, DivinationColors: White, sky blue, black, silverSymbols: Circle, bird, bell, flute, chimes, clouds, Sylphs, the AngelTools: Keek stone, flail, knivesWeapons:Continue reading “The Airts: Elemental Quarters of the Spiral Castle”

Requirements for Admission

After years of working this path, tweaking it, living with it, and loving it, we have decided to open ourselves up to those who would like to walk the crooked path with us locally (within the South-Central Indiana area).  Here, then, are our requirements for admission. Greening – green cord For children of the familyContinue reading “Requirements for Admission”

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