Castle of Stone

Castell Dinas Bran 4-Cornered CastleMont & BaileyTop open to the skySeige-placeWarriors’ Fort (training, defense, offense, strategy)Hillfort (castillo)Not a place of luxuryGuarded by legged creatures (crawlers, walkers)Home of CernunnosSummer SolsticeNoonMysteries of Rebirth The castles of our system are based on Grail Lore, but they also have representations in the none world. These castles are symbolic ofContinue reading “Castle of Stone”

June Totems: Robin

American Robin In the American Folkloric Witchcraft tradition, the Robin is one of the three totems for the month of June, along with Stag and Oak. Robin represents qualities that are kindred to these totems and to the Castle of Stone, Cernunnos and the Summer Solstice — all of which share this portion of theContinue reading “June Totems: Robin”

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