Destiny and Doom in the Craeft

One of our earliest articles over on the AFW blog, Witch Marks, Witch Blood, and the Kuthune, has been a perennial favorite of blog visitors since Glaux first wrote it in 2011. In it, she talks about the history and folklore of the magical inheritance or birthright — the idea that some Witches are descendedContinue reading “Destiny and Doom in the Craeft”

Cords as Markers of Admission

One of the Robert Cochrane (Roy Bowers) “writings” that  you’ll want to read is titled “On Cords.” It first appeared in issue 3 of The Pentagram in March 1965. In it, he discusses two aspects or uses of the traditional Witch’s Ladder. The first is the piece of magical craft that we’ll be covering soon.Continue reading “Cords as Markers of Admission”

The Red Thread (and the Initiatory Process)

I have the sense that the Red Thread is one of the deeper Mysteries of the Craft as we are coming to know it. This sense is based on the fact that both Glaux and I find ourselves referring to it regularly in symbolic ways and during Craft discussions, but I am having difficulty puttingContinue reading “The Red Thread (and the Initiatory Process)”

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