Distance Learning with AFW

We have *just* created a facebook  group to meet a growing need and request for  Craft instruction in the AFW style. We have been approached by students all over the US (and a few internationally) who want to work within the AFW model and would like a bit of direction from Natalie and Laurelei. There mayContinue reading “Distance Learning with AFW”

Requirements for Admission

After years of working this path, tweaking it, living with it, and loving it, we have decided to open ourselves up to those who would like to walk the crooked path with us locally (within the South-Central Indiana area).  Here, then, are our requirements for admission. Greening – green cord For children of the familyContinue reading “Requirements for Admission”

Cords as Markers of Admission

One of the Robert Cochrane (Roy Bowers) “writings” that  you’ll want to read is titled “On Cords.” It first appeared in issue 3 of The Pentagram in March 1965. In it, he discusses two aspects or uses of the traditional Witch’s Ladder. The first is the piece of magical craft that we’ll be covering soon.Continue reading “Cords as Markers of Admission”

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