General Trad Craft
1734 Witchcraft
Ancient Keltic Church
Blue Moon Manor
Briar Rose Curveen
Clan of Tubal Cain
Cornish Witchcraft
Cunning Arts, The
Cyber Witch
House Shadow Drake
Robin Artisson
Traditional Cornish Witchcraft
Traditional Witchcraft: Wolver House
Y Plant Bran

Trad Craft Blogs
Adventures in Witchery Blog
Alchemist’s Garden Blog, The
Blade and Broom Blog
Chattering Magpie: Summoner of the Hearth Blog
Clan of the Entangled Thicket 1734 Blog
Classic Witchcraft Blog
Cunning Man Blog, The
Feral Druidry Blog
Graveyard Dirt Blog
Hellbound Witch Blog
Hillbilly Bohemian Heathen Blog
In the Chimehours Blog
Ivy On the Path Blog
Manx Witch Blog
Meanderings of the Muse Blog
New World Witchery Blog & Podcast
Ole Man of Cury Blog
Root and Rock Blog
Serpent and Toad and a Bit ‘o Dirt Blog
Spellcaster’s Source, The Blog
Starry Cave, The Blog
Treading the Crooked Path Blog
Used Key is Always Bright, The Blog
Walking the Hedge Blog
Wandering Woman Wondering Blog
Witch of Forest Grove Blog, The

Hoodoo, Rootwork & Conjure
Conjure ‘n Hoodoo Blog
Conjured Cardea Blog
Hoodoo in Theory and Practice
Hoodoo Rootwork and Conjure Formulas

Publishing Houses & Publications
Asteria Books Publishing
Capall Bann Publishing
Cauldron, The
HedgeWytch Magazine, The
Ixaxaar Publishing
Mandrake of Oxford Publishing
Pendraig Publishing
Planet Voodoo Botanica
Robert Cochrane Writings
Three Hands Press
Troy Books Publishing
Xoanon Publishing

Apothecaries & Botanicas
Alchemy Works
Blade & Broom
Lucky Mojo Curio Company
Moscow Hide and Fur
Otherworld Apothecary
Raven’s Flight Apothecary
SomaLuna Supplies
Stang and Cauldron Apothecary
Toad’s Bone Apotheca
Witch and Famous

Online Forums
Crooked Path Forums
Traditional Witchcraft Forums

Other Sites of Interest
American Neopaganism
Cornell University Witchcraft Collection
Mike Nichols Witches Sabbats
Museum of Witchcraft
Sacred Texts
Twilit Grotto, The
Wica, The
Wild Hunt, The
Witches Voice, The

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