the Crooked Path to the Spiral Castle

Airts – The Northern Gate

The Northern Gate – Airt of Air Values: Intellect, Thoughts, Inspiration, Communication, Flight, DivinationColors: White, sky blue, black, silverSymbols: Circle, bird, bell, flute, chimes, clouds, Sylphs, AngelsTools: Keek stone, flail, knivesWeapons: Staff/SpearMusical Instruments: Reed instrumentsTimes: Imbolc, Midnight, Winter, Old AgePlaces: Sky, mountaintop, treetop, bluffs, summit of a moundZodiac: Aquarius, Gemini, LibraSense: ScentPower: To KnowProcess: Chanting,Continue reading “Airts – The Northern Gate”

The Evil Eye

Many cultures all over the world share a common belief in a type of curse or hex that is transmitted (usually) unwittingly through a glare or  glance in which the caster is filled with envy, praise, or covetousness. It can also be transmitted, intentionally or unintentionally, by people with green or blue eyes — whichContinue reading “The Evil Eye”

Oath Stone

There are several types of stones that are important to Cunning Folk. With Tubal Cain being such a central figure within the lines of the Craft that have influenced this Tradition, however, it is no surprise that the Oath Stone upon which we take our vows and form our sacred blood bonds is his anvil.Continue reading “Oath Stone”

Making a Ritual Shield

The shield is the weapon of the Southern Gate — of Earth and Goda. It is the weapon of ThisWorld. It is a defensive weapon, used to guard against and deflect the dangers and assaults of day-to-day reality. It also represents the ways in which the physical realm affords certain protections and defenses against theContinue reading “Making a Ritual Shield”

Airts — The Southern Gate

The Southern Gate – Airt of Earth Values: Growth, Experience, Authority, Money, Physicality, Security, NourishmentColors:Brown, russet, black, greenSymbols: Square, stone, cornucopia, scythe, salt, cart, plate, GnomesTools: The casting bowl, patens/pentacles, hornsWeapons: Shield (Targe)Totems: Swan, Horse & Apple TreeMusical Instruments: DrumsTimes: Lammas/Lughnasadh, Noon, Summer, Coming of AgePlaces: Fields, mountains, valleys, canyons, deserts, forests, gardensZodiac: Capricorn, Taurus,Continue reading “Airts — The Southern Gate”


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