“American Folkloric Witchcraft” is the umbrella  term for a cluster of Traditions that include the  Spiral  Castle Tradition. Laurelei (me) and Glaux  (two witches living and practicing in southern Indiana, U.S.A.  at the  time)  coined  the  term and applied it  to their  own Trad, as  others  have gone  on  to apply  it  to  theirs.

We started living and working together in 2008, but each of us had been practicing Witchcraft since the late 1990’s. In that time, we developed some opinions about what we preferred and what we didn’t.  We were both avid proponents of non-Wiccan Craft in the style of Robert Cochrane. We counted ourselves as devotees of Tubal Cain and of the White and Black Goddesses.

Glaux and I were life and magical partners  back then, and we found that we were shaping a magical path together — or it was shaping us. We were inspired in May  2011 to share this work with others through the writings on the AFW blog, well aware that any true mystery cannot be told, it must be experienced for oneself.

In the summer of 2015, we  divorced. Glaux is operating her own AFW coven (Crossroads  Coven), and I  have continued operating  Coven Caer  Sidhe (the founding  coven).

We  have found in the years since our divorce  that  it hasn’t been easy for us to collaborate (magically  or mundanely),  and while we  each continue  to  focus with  our friends and  magical  Family on the important task of cutting a crooked path through the Wildwood, we  no longer  have each  other  as a touchstone. Sometimes, we find  that we have come to  the same glade  and found the same Mystery. And  at other times, our tracks look  very  foreign  to each other  (and would  not seem kin to an  onlooker  seeking  comparison  between our current  work). We must be at  peace with this, and hope that our separate, unique work can provide a guidepost to others who seek to practice the Old Ways in a new way.

Our ways have  been inspired primarily by the works of Robert Cochrane/Roy Bowers and Robert Graves.  We have inherited elements of other American groups that also work with Cochrane’s materials (namely 1734 and  Ancient  Keltic  Church), American Rootwork traditions, ancient European and Native American Shamanism, and a great body of many years’ experience working in occult traditions.

We have called this path American Folkloric Witchcraft, mindful of the fact that although we work in a heavily British tradition of Craft, we ourselves are practicing in America. We are attuned to the unique energies of the land in which we live and work, and we understand that ours is an American expression of what began as a European mystery.

The specific  Tradition within AFW that  is expressed within this blog  is  the Spiral Castle  Tradition  — named  in honor  of  the twisting,  revolving,  ever-changing fey court the opens  into every realm of existence and sits at  the heart  of the Compass. From this ever-moving still-point, all things  are possible.

We claim no lineage to any group or tradition, although our members have worked extensively in other groups and traditions. This path is our own, and is for those who bear the Mark of Qayin. It claims no authority other than the oaths and bonds we have taken to our Gods and our Ancestors.

We hope you will join us as we walk down the Crooked Path.

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