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American Folkloric Witchcraft & the Spiral Castle Tradition

We  are  not a  Wiccan group. Instead, our  practice is informed  largely  by Traditional Witchcraft, Northern European and Native American  shamanism, American and European folklore, witch trial  records, nursery rhymes, balladry, and more.

The first coven with our Tradition (Coven Caer Sidhe), was established by Laurelei and Natalie (Glaux/Indy Babalon) in 2009. The purpose of this Tradition has never been to gather or serve  a congregation of  Neo-Pagan  celebrants.  We aim instead  to raise Witches who have the  mastery to  reach the  Spiral Castle’s topmost pinnacle and are unafraid to delve to its  deepest roots. It is this kinship  that draws us  together.


The coven and  Tradition were  founded by the pair in Jeffersonville, Indiana  in  early 2009, just  across the Ohio  River from Louisville, KY.  A year  later, the then-couple  moved north to  the outskirts of Indianapolis,  and shortly thereafter  started the  AFW  blog and began teaching  the  Tradition to others.

In  2015, they divorced, and  by the beginning of 2016 (when most of the the dust had settled), Laurelei was again  living  in Louisville (on the  KY  side  of  the  river, this time), and Natalie was in the heart of Indy. Currently, both   women  then led covens within the American Folkloric framework — Laurelei continuing to work  with the  members of Coven Caer Sidhe (through distance-learning and planned gatherings at local festivals); Natalie founding Crossroads Coven in Indy. While both women work within the American Folkloric framework, their expressions of that path have diverged over the years.

This site contains only Laurelei’s writing from the original AFWcraft blog, along with new material she is creating for those on the Crooked Path of the American Folkloric Witch.


I (Laurelei) continue to write, publish, and teach. My work has been available through Etsy — mainly in the form of wildly popular Book of Shadows pages — within the AFW context, and I have recently started a YouTube Channel, as well. I have so many ideas about Craft to share, here on this blog, on YouTube, and more! There is so much new content heading your way.

Over the years, several people have inquired about study within this system, and I am so happy to finally offer a clear (and still Crooked) pathway for both authentic study and meaningful connection for those who desire them — via the Red Thread Academy.

Finally, it is my intention to offer others — especially Adopted (“Red Cord”) and  Raised  (“Triple Cord”) members of  this Tradition — the opportunity to post on this  blog  to  share their  experiences  and  insights on  the  Tradition. If you are an American Folkloric Witch (and especially if you are a corded member of SCT or RTA), and you’re interested in contributing, please contact me to talk about the possibilities.

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