What’s Afoot – Jan 2021

Poor neglected, dusty blog. (Let me just whisk some of the cobwebs away.)

We didn’t publish a single new post here in 2020 — however, we did migrate the blog to this nifty new home, which was an undertaking. And I (Laurelei) managed to continue work on lots of personal writing projects, which I am hoping to bring to market soon. The biggest content creation venture has really been in the way of the Blade & Broom YouTube channel, which is very Spiral Castle Trad-adjacent, if not always SCT-specific.

But let’s talk about what’s going to happen HERE. Is this blog going to have new content, or what?

Such a good question. My hope, my plan is: Yes. I actually have a long list of topics I would still like to cover in writing here to continue the body of work that had been started back in 2011 when my ex and I started writing about Spiral Castle over at American Folkloric Witchcraft. Also, when I migrated my content here, I was careful not to migrate hers; but that has left gaps in what is available on this site. And some of those gaps just desperately need updates. We’re 10 years further down the path, for Bael’s sake. Things have changed, progressed, and been amended. Y’all deserve posts that reflect those new insights.

Two things are very much on my mind for 2021:

  1. We’re launching the Red Thread Academy as a way to study within the American Folkloric Witchcraft/SCT framework, regardless of a student’s location. I’m finishing up the last round of formatting and editing on that now. I really hope to have it in the Etsy shop no later than 2/15/2021.
  2. I could use some help with the blog. I’m open to guest bloggers who write about American Folkloric practice, Traditional Craft, or the roots of anything we do here. I’m also open to regular contributors, so long as they are studying/practicing AFW/SCT — so, ideally, Witches from one of our covens or students from the Red Thread Academy. (Use the Contact form to get in touch about this.)

For myself, I will plan to post new content at least once per month in 2021. I’m hoping for more, but I know I have a lot of irons in the fire — upcoming books, more Book of Shadows pages, YouTube, still a director/organizer at Midian, plus family and 9-to-5 business commitments. (Yep, I run a non-witchy business in addition to all you see here.)

And no, … this one doesn’t count as my January post. I’ll get something good for you this week or next.

Published by laureleiblack

The Star and star-forged blade. Seeker along the crooked path. Author of Aphrodite's Priestess and Cult of Aphrodite.

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